Dr. Niki is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever been to and I have been to quite a few!

I started going to her in 2013 while pregnant with my 3rd baby. I was having such horrible headaches that I could barely function. She was so caring and kind. I sometimes went to her 3 times a week. She helped me manage my headaches. My pelvis was also damaged with the birth of my 2nd child’s massive head. She was able to help my body get into alignment and stay that way throughout the pregnancy. My 3rd baby came out with 3 pushes, thanks to Dr. Niki’s awesome adjustments. The recovery was so easy. My nurse was dumbfounded by how I just sprang out of bed and showered with no problems. She said in her 20 yrs as a nurse that she had never seen someone bounce back so quickly. Dr. Niki’s ability to be intuitive with someone else’s body makes her stand above most other Chiropractors.

Last week I was showing my kids how to do a proper cartwheel. Everything was fine until a few hours later when my tailbone area started hurting. By that night I couldn’t sleep I was in so much pain. I went to the Dr and got X-rays. All was fine but I was in excruciating pain. The pain killers helped with the pain and I was starting to feel better. I got an adjustment from Dr. Niki today, I hadn’t had one in over a year. I knew I would feel relief but what I wasn’t expecting was to feel amazing and energetic. I will definitely not be skipping out on adjustments in the future.

I really want to thank Dr. Niki for her professionalism and kindness as a practitioner.
-C. W., Castle Rock, CO


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